Fall Family Fun: 3 Ideas for Game Night!

Summer is fading away, and leaves will begin to change colors as fall approaches. One of my favorite memories from childhood is crunching the acorns as they fell to the ground. The days will begin to feel crisp and cool as the blazing hot temperatures fade away. Homework is probably becoming a part of aContinue reading “Fall Family Fun: 3 Ideas for Game Night!”

4 Simple but Effective Ideas to Spark Kids’ Interest in Numbers

For many parents, even the prospect of helping kids with math homework fills them with dread. Because at the opposite end of math competitions and Mensa clubs lies mathematical anxiety, a very real phenomenon. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog http://info.thinkfun.com/stem-education/4-simple-but-effective-ideas-to-spark-kids-interest-in-numbers via IFTTT

Practice Stereognosis with Mystery Boxes

Stereognosis is a term used to describe a person’s ability to identify and recognize an object just by touch/feel, in the absence of visual identification. A simple example would be sticking your hand into a purse and pulling out the car keys after feeling around for them. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog http://info.thinkfun.com/stem-education/practice-stereognosis-with-mystery-boxes via IFTTT

Prepping Your Home For Distance Learning

“Learn from home” has become the new “work from home” and many parents have been left wondering how to establish an effective home workspace for their child during distance learning. One quick internet search can lead you down a rabbit hole of picture-perfect modernized mini-desks with no dust bunnies or wayward materials in sight. ButContinue reading “Prepping Your Home For Distance Learning”

Some Examples of Chemistry in Everyday Life

Though we might not realize it, chemistry is a huge part of everyday life. You can find chemistry in the air, in the foods we eat, in cleaning chemicals, in emotions, and in every single object that we see or touch over the course of a day. To get a better understanding, here are moreContinue reading “Some Examples of Chemistry in Everyday Life”

eLearning Trends That Have Become the Norm

It’s possible that you might have heard about how eLearning is changing education in America. The education system has been needing to change for a long time. EdTech, short for education technology, is giving educators new resources for educating young minds. Keep reading to take a look at some eLearning trends that have become theContinue reading “eLearning Trends That Have Become the Norm”

Unexpected Homeschooling: Advice from a Homeschool Mom

I found myself homeschooling unexpectedly and suddenly about three years ago. I didn’t know how long I would be doing it, and I was absolutely terrified of messing it up. Even as an educator (I was a full-time college professor), I felt unequipped to take on the task, which felt endless. There were so manyContinue reading “Unexpected Homeschooling: Advice from a Homeschool Mom”

Activity Ideas for Connection While Social Distancing

Staying home with a 3.5-year-old since March has proven to be tough especially in the area of connectivity. Tessa was halfway into her second year of preschool and just coming out of her shell in terms of developing social relationships and forming friendships. While she has had plenty of toys, activities, and small adventures aroundContinue reading “Activity Ideas for Connection While Social Distancing”

Failure: Friend not Foe

Let’s talk about the “F” word… failure! While it’s natural as parents and educators to want to protect our children, allowing them to experience failure is an important stage in learning and cultivating a growth mindset. Unless you’re free-solo climbing El Capitan, failing is rarely life-ending. So, say goodbye to “helicopter” or “lawn mower” parenting,Continue reading “Failure: Friend not Foe”

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