How a speech-language pathologist uses Rush Hour to develop language and critical thinking skills

If you are using logic games in the educational setting or to support virtual learning, way to go! They are a great way to engage students in a fun activity that has some tangible benefits. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Living in the right here, right now: How to have adventures as a family

About five years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to move out of our beloved subdivision with paved roads, sprinkler systems and neighbors close by in search of more wide-open spaces for our four boys to roam. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Get outside! Teach kids about the environment with these simple backyard activities

We love the fresh air, sunshine and other benefits of nature, but we know it is a fragile system. And a big challenge? Finding ways to pass eco-awareness on to children.   from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Teacher to Teacher: Simple Ways to (re)-Ignite Your Purpose

This past year in education has been one of the toughest I’ve had to endure while teaching 7th grade math. The countless zoom sessions, school mask mandate discussions, and the weight of the pandemic took its toll. Both personally and professionally, I am constantly thinking about my purpose – pandemic or no. These things haveContinue reading “Teacher to Teacher: Simple Ways to (re)-Ignite Your Purpose”

Screen Time vs. Green Time: How to get your kids off devices and into the outdoors

Have you ever heard of Nature Deficit Disorder? It’s a recent term that, in a nutshell, means we spend too much time indoors and too little time in, well, nature! from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Help Your Children Develop Creative Thinking and Storytelling Skills with these 6 Tips

If your child is having trouble with writing while in school, there are a number of ways to help at home through storytelling. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Bringing Simplicity Back to Childhood

I have fond memories of my days as a carefree kid. I recall playing tag with neighborhood friends, riding bikes up and down the sidewalks, and evenings of hide-and-seek, where I would always roll under the big pine tree that separated our house from our neighbor, Mrs. Eastman. Eventually, my brother and our friends caughtContinue reading “Bringing Simplicity Back to Childhood”

Incorporating Visual Boundaries into Everyday Play for Handwriting Success

Handwriting success is a widely discussed topic and often on the radar for many parents/guardians. One thing I love to share with parents is the importance of visual boundaries as an underlying skill to successful handwriting, as well as how easy it is to incorporate them into daily playtime. from ThinkFun’s Education Blog viaContinue reading “Incorporating Visual Boundaries into Everyday Play for Handwriting Success”

A Pandemic Silver Lining: Finding Gameschooling

I’ve heard from some people the mistaken idea that homeschoolers’ lives weren’t thrown into upheaval by the pandemic shutdowns — but they absolutely were. Our co-ops, play groups, art classes, museums, and even playgrounds were taken away, leaving us with far fewer educational options than we had before.    from ThinkFun’s Education Blog via IFTTT

Games To Make Mealtime FUN

Is mealtime a challenge in your house due to picky eaters? Does planning dinners for the week cause you stress? You aren’t alone if you answered yes! Every parent has encountered such mealtime battles at one time or another. As an occupational therapist and mom of three children ages 4, 7, and 8, I’ve had toContinue reading “Games To Make Mealtime FUN”

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