How to Harness the Magical Power of Stories in Your Home

The day had been long, and I was out of patience. It was well past bedtime when my littles asked, “Mama, just one more story?” My response was kind but firm – I was done. As I stood for two last goodnight kisses, my older boys bounded into the bedroom, asking if the littles wanted gardens planted on their backs. I was struck by their question – I hadn’t planted Nighttime Gardens in years. Did they really remember from when they were little and I took the time to massage their backs, using my hands to “dig” rows for planting, “fill” the rows with dirt and have the “farmer” harvest his crops? Yes, they did remember. Their stories were different – more candy planting, rabbit chasing and farm feasting than my version – but the love, humor and meaningful connection was there nonetheless. The big brothers going through the motions on their little brothers’ backs and telling stories meant connections were being made in those last minutes before sleep. Though I had gotten tired and perhaps a bit lazy over the years, it seems my older boys had treasured that connection and carried those memories as a gift to their younger brothers – and had been doing it for weeks without my knowledge.  It was like magic.

from ThinkFun’s Education Blog

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